Marketo translation plug-in

Our plug-in for Marketo enables campaign localisation to be accelerated through automation - helping you communicate with global markets faster to improve your international growth. Setup takes just a couple of minutes so you can start localising your campaign messaging straight away.

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Streamline the localisation of your Marketo content


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accelerated growth

Accelerate time to market

Select and send content that requires translation with one click. Reduce internal PM time with automated processes.

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Increase sales in international markets

Content that’s effectively localised will improve engagement in your target markets, leading to increased sales.


No more “copy & paste”!

Minimise your internal admin time by adopting streamlined workflows for content management.

comm your brand

Communicate your brand consistently

Our in-house, cutting-edge technology ensures your branded terminology is always correct.

Setup for the plug-in takes just a few minutes and is really simple, so you can start ordering translations straight away.

The easy-to-use interface allows you to manage content selections in just a few clicks. You can also choose the translation quality level that best suits each item.

Our teams translate your content according to your specification. Translations will be managed to incorporate your stored language assets to ensure consistency and correctness.

Your translated content is auto-populated directly into the required fields in Marketo, so you’re ready to go.

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Translate content in any form

Our technology seamlessly extracts assets from Marketo, regardless of their type or format, including emails, landing pages, and forms, including HTML and WYSIWYG formats, and transfers them to us for translation. It can also automatically detect and manage embedded content such as:

  • Forms within a landing page
  • Embedded images
  • Shared content blocks
  • Field merges
  • Headers and footers
  • Dynamic content

Manage translation quality to your requirements

We translate your content to the quality level that best fits your objectives. Choose one of our translation quality levels or discuss with us any bespoke workflows or additional QA requirements you have.

Your terminology + language assets used consistently

Our technology will import all of your language assets so they can be used accurately within your translations. This means translated output will be of better quality and more consistent, leading to improved engagement from your global audiences.

In-context review

Rather than receiving translated texts in word documents, our tool presents your translations in context within Marketo, with every segment in its corresponding field. This enables you and your teams to carry out accurate reviews and stay in control of everything you send out.

Manage budgets and resource with real-time data

Keep control of everything you spend and measure return with up-to-the-minute reporting. With our tool you can also analyse process efficiencies so you can keep improving with every campaign. Translation activities that previously took months are now completed significantly quicker.

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