Drupal translation plug-in

Our Drupal translation plug-in enables accelerated and streamlined translation of your content, helping you communicate with global markets more efficiently and boosting your international growth potential.

Super-fast setup means you can start automating your content localisation in just a few minutes.

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accelerated growth

Speed up foreign language content generation

Identify and send content to be translated with just a few clicks.

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Increase global sales

Effectively localised branded content will improve engagement in your target markets, leading to increased sales.


Eliminate “copy & pasting”!

An automated processes minimises your internal admin time spent on content transfer.

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Automated processes

Our cutting-edge technology minimises your internal admin time spent on content transfer and ensures your terminology is always used correctly.

The plug-in can be set-up in your existing environment, and our tech team will be there to support you every step of the way.

The simple interface allows you to identify and send content requiring translation in just a few clicks. You can also select what translation quality level is most appropriate for each item.

We translate your content according to your specification and existing language assets.

Translated content is auto-populated into the required fields in your Drupal platform, ready to review and use.

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Benefits of using our Drupal plug-in

Manage the translation quality level

Receive translations at the quality level that best fits your objectives and content type. Choose from one of our five translation quality levels or speak to us about any bespoke workflows or additional quality measures you may require.

Correct use of your terminology and language assets

Our technology will import and manage the use of all of your language assets. This gives you better quality and more consistent translations, which results in improved engagement from your international audiences.

In-context review

Our tool autopopulates translated texts back into the desired fields, allowing you to carry out accurate reviews and stay in control of your content.

Manage budgets and resource efficiently

Manage spend and return with real-time reports and analytics, as well as analysing process efficiencies to target improvements. Translation activities that previously took months will now be complete in days.


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