Professional translation on demand via API

High-quality human translation and machine translation are just a click away with our translation API. Plug into our network directly for the quickest, most convenient translation option.


Lingo24’s translation API is a fast and simple way to send content directly from your content management system to our translation platform. Save time and money by ordering translations at the click of a button. Your content will be professionally translated, and we’ll let you know once it’s ready.

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A translation API is a smart solution

Keep all your multilingual websites up to date

Make sure all new product information is translated for your ecommerce sites

Send new blog articles for translation as soon as they are written

Quickly understand foreign language queries and emails from customers

What's an API and why do I need one?

Lingo24’s translation API, or Application Programming Interface, is basically a direct link from your content management system (CMS) to ours. It’s the simplest way to manage large volumes of web content, or regular updates requiring translation. We can set it up for you, and make sure it’s customised to your exact requirements.

Many websites already use an API – for example to incorporate Google Maps, or link to a remote system to verify credit card information.

A translation API dramatically reduces your project management time. You can concentrate on producing great web content – while we take the hassle out of translating it. Your translations will be uploaded into your system automatically, and we’ll let you know by email once they’re ready.


How does an API work?

We have plug-ins for a wide range of CMSs, including Drupal, Wordpress, FatWire, and Joomla. Our developers have worked with numerous clients to develop customised APIs to work with their systems. They’ll guide you through the process of setting it up, with clear instructions at every stage.

Once it’s ready, you can start ordering translations at the click of a button. You always stay in control of your translation workflow. You can set up your own rules for budgeting, and service levels. The completed translations can be published automatically, or they can wait for your approval – you decide!


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