Integrate directly with Lingo24’s translation platform

Link your e-commerce, marketing or content platform with Lingo24 to automate your localisation process.

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Roll-out new content to global markets up to 40% faster

Remove localisation bottlenecks and increase productivity by up to 80%

Eliminate errors caused by manual file-export, copying and pasting

All for no additional cost when you translate with Lingo24

By integrating with Lingo24 you can automate the sending of your source content and get the translated versions imported directly into your back-end system, in the correct format, without a single export or copy-paste; turning a potential bottleneck into a competitive advantage.

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Magento translation extension

  • Easily integrate your Magento platform for seamless translation ordering
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Salesforce Commerce Cloud translation extension

  • Optimise your translation ordering with our Salesforce Commerce Cloud translation cartridge
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Marketo translation extension

  • Accelerate your campaign localisation with our Marketo translation extension
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Hubspot translation extension

  • Automate your content localisation in just a few minutes with our Hubspot translation integration
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Eloqua translation extension

  • Get your content translated to the quality level you choose with our Eloqua translation integration
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Adobe EM translation extension

  • Automate the localisation of your branded content with our Adobe EM translation integration

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What content can be translated through an integration?

You can easily select almost any viewable content within your platform including web pages, email templates, blog posts, product descriptions, page widgets, landing pages, menus and user generated comments.

How does it work?

1. Hassle-free installation:

Depending on your platform there is either a simple extension within your system, or just basic configuration on our platform.  Either way we’ll walk you through the process - in most cases you’ll be ready to send content for translation within 5 minutes.

2. Sending Content for Translation:

Without any copy-paste just select the content, define the languages and quality levels, approve our auto-generated quote and that’s it: within seconds your content will be on its way to native speaking translators around the world.

3. Publishing the results:

Once you’ve approved the translated content it will be automatically imported back into the original system.  We’ll make sure any logic within the assets is updated and you’re now ready to publish the content to your global audience.

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We have been working with Lingo24 for over a year now. We are very satisfied with the technical integration of the workflows, which enables us to submit numerous orders from various divisions via an automated system. Baloise
I really appreciated working with Lingo24 on this project. The use of the translation software made it easy to follow any changes made and to ease the coordination between the different parties. Thanks to this, we were able to meet the tight deadline. TGV Lyria

Access our Developer API

If your content platform isn’t listed please contact us - we’re constantly adding to the list. We also offer a full developer API, so you can integrate with us programmatically.

Machine Translation API

Instantly access our premium machine translation API engines for instant and extremely low-cost translation of your content. This is ideal if you have tight deadlines, large volumes of translation or simply need to understand text in a foreign language. Find out more about machine translation and its benefits.

Professional Translation API

Our business translation API offers instant and direct access to our network of native translators. Choose your preferred translation quality level to fit your needs and budget.

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