Integrations to simplify your translation process

Integrate your back-end systems with our translation platform to save time and keep things simple. One-click ordering and the option to automate the end-to-end process, all at no cost when you translate your content with us.

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Pre-built integrations for hassle-free translation

simple setup tech

Simple setup within your back-end systems, technical support on-hand where required

automated end2end

Automated end-to-end workflow: translated content populated back into your systems

award winning tech

Full access to our award-winning translation tools

full access tools

Free setup and access to technology when you translate with us

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Magento translation extension

  • Easily integrate your Magento platform for seamless translation ordering

Demandware translation cartridge

  • Optimise your translation ordering with our Demandware translation cartridge
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Marketo translation extension

  • Accelerate your campaign localisation with our Marketo translation extension
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Hubspot translation extension

  • Automate your content localisation in just a few minutes with our Hubspot translation integration
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Eloqua translation extension

  • Get your content translated to the quality level you choose with our Eloqua translation integration
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Adobe EM translation extension

  • Automate the localisation of your branded content with our Adobe EM translation integration

Trusted by global brands

Integrate any system with our developer API

Connect to our API for one-click ordering

What is an API?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow direct connection from one platform to another - think embedded Google maps or Paypal transactions. We've developed our own translation API to make translation just as simple for businesses with international customers. It's designed to save you time, money, and hassle on your translation ordering.


We have been working with Lingo24 for over a year now. We are very satisfied with the technical integration of the workflows, which enables us to submit numerous orders from various divisions via an automated system. Baloise
I really appreciated working with Lingo24 on this project. The use of the translation software made it easy to follow any changes made and to ease the coordination between the different parties. Thanks to this, we were able to meet the tight deadline. TGV Lyria

Connect to machine translation

Instantly access our premium machine translation API engines for instant and extremely low-cost translation of your content. This is ideal if you have tight deadlines, large volumes of translation or simply need to understand text in a foreign language. Find out more about machine translation and its benefits.

Connect to human translators

Our business translation API offers instant and direct access to our network of native translators. Choose your preferred translation quality level to fit your needs and budget.

Visit our developer site and access our API now