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Linking Our Translation Technology with Your Systems

Lingo24’s Heart technology offers you an exceptional level of transparency and control for managing your translation and localisation needs.

We integrate our translation technology with your Content Management System (CMS) to enable the automated transfer of your content from your CMS to our system.

Once content is transferred into our translation technology, translators, editors (and, if needed, your internal editors or reviewers) can access the content at their relevant workflow stage.

After the translated content is approved, it will be transferred back into your CMS, where it can be published automatically, or filed for publishing approval, according to your required workflow.

We can achieve CMS integration via either a CMS plug-in or a Web Services link.  The plug-ins are customised to your exact requirements, including the language combinations you require and protocols for any special fields that require translation, such as meta-data.

You can also set-up workflow rules that govern the automated submission of content for translation. For example, if you want every new piece of content that goes live to be sent for translation into a number of languages, you can create a rule to make that happen, dramatically reducing project management time on your end.

The integration process is as follows:

  1. Lingo24’s Technical Division will provide the necessary information to create the plug-in or Web Services link.
  2. Our technical teams will work together to develop, install and configure the plug-in/module/Web Services link, based upon the guidance provided by our Technical Division, which is on hand to provide any assistance or advice you require.
  3. Tests are carried out to ensure that the plug-in/module/Web Services link has been correctly configured and that the output meets your expectations.
  4. If any further customisation is required, we will work together with your developers to create any changes necessary, and will then go back to step three for testing.

The time-line for full integration is one to two working weeks, depending on the complexity of the customisation required.

Once the CMS integration is complete, you can start ordering through a very simple process – you just log into the system, upload your content for translation and click ‘Send to Lingo24’. The content will then be translated and automatically uploaded back into your system.

Click here to read about the CMSs with which Lingo24 has already integrated, and here to read case studies detailing how it works.