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Marketing Translation Services

Translation for marketing communications professionals

Whether you are communicating company values to a workforce or convincing a client of your product's unique value, attention to detail is crucial in all communications activity.

Lingo24 ensures your message will be adapted appropriately for the target language and culture while retaining its original meaning. Please read on for a case study of the type of marketing translation services projects we regularly undertake.

Case study - driving quality in translation

A global car manufacturer sends out a quarterly newsletter to all its staff in Europe. The company produces one newsletter and has it translated by Lingo24 (rather than producing the newsletter in each country) to reduce costs and to ensure all employees and partners throughout Europe are ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’. Lingo24 adresses the challenges of this project through:

1. Consistency of terminology: as a large corporate, the company needs to keep its message clear and consistent. Lingo24 has built up a terminology database for the client which is applied to every translation we do, ensuring we always use the right terms to describe components or concepts (in any language).

2. Speed: time is always of the essence in communications, and Lingo24’s global operation (in particular our Philippines and New Zealand hubs) enables us to complete work quicker than most without compromising on quality.

3. Appropriate style: beyond the individual words used, the overall feel is of vital importance. The last thing our client wants to do is patronise readers of its newsletter with overly simplistic patter– but nor does it want to spout impenetrable jargon. Over time, Lingo24’s translators have developed an appropriate ‘company voice’ for this publication – a voice which both enthuses and educates its readership.

4. Language growth/contraction: Translating text into another language almost always results in a different number of characters being used in the target language compared to the source language. As the newsletter must be visually as well as linguistically appealing, Lingo24 works with the company’s design agency to find alternatives whenever the changes in language necessitate a design change, for example, when a German headline becomes too long to fit into the space allocated.


For more information on our marketing translation services, see our marketing translation page, or contact us.