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Translation API - Fatwire plugin

Our client, a major tourism body, uses the Fatwire CMS, translating around 60,000 words per month. They needed their website translated into several languages. With our technical support, they developed a Fatwire plugin that uses SOAP web services to connect to our systems.

The Translation API for Fatwire allows them to create orders easily, which are then managed internally by Lingo24.  A polling process continuously checks whether the orders are complete in XTM, our translation software. The translations can then be  retrieved through our web service, and the order is marked as complete in the Fatwire CMS.

We’ve also developed a queue system that stores all orders from the client and batches them up before creating projects into XTM and sending them for translation. The main reason for this is that the client sends each piece of data separately and the average file size is only 10 words. A Lingo24 employee can group the queued requests into a single order, and merge multiple files.

Using our Fatwire plugin creates a simple, efficient workflow for our client. They can send orders directly directly via the plugin, and retrieve them easily as soon as they are ready.