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Central Operations

Lingo24 has a dedicated team of support staff that help to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of our company, so that we remain one of the top translation companies in the UK.

Having reliable and dedicated support personnel in Human Resources, in Accounts and in an administrative capacity means that everybody else is able to concentrate on what they do best.

  • Raluca Mihoc, Operations Specialist, Lingo24
  • Ovidiana Netedu, Quality Management Representative/Operations Specialist, Lingo24
  • Luisana Williams, Operations Specialist Americas, Lingo24
  • Iakovos Zannikos, Quality and Experience Specialist, Lingo24
  • Stevan Relic Ninkovic, Head of Operations Panama/Head of Professional Services, Lingo24
  • Valentin Bogdan Vasile, Helpdesk Operator, Lingo24
  • Marienell Gabisay, Administrative Support, Lingo24
  • Andreea Draginov, Quality Investigation Specialist, Lingo24