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Translation Project Management: How We’d Work with You

1. Your Account Manager (AM) will establish what you need

Your AM will talk with you to find out your translation requirements and to work out which of our service levels best suits your needs.

At this stage, if your service level requires it, we’ll also undertake a comprehensive briefing session to understand your project’s exact style and terminology requirements.

2. Receive a quote

To provide you with a quote, Lingo24 needs to know:

  • Source language
  • Target language
  • Word count
  • Deadline


If you send us the file for translation, however, all we need from you are the target language(s) and deadline.

Armed with the above information, your AM will send you a comprehensive quote, including a full breakdown of all the figures and any applicable discounts.

3. Place the order

If you’re happy with the quote, approve the order by email. Please include your purchase order number as this makes life easier for our accounts team.

4. The translation process

You can read about our processes here.

This is where you can sit back and relax...we don’t usually need your input at all during this phase. But if you have any questions, your AM and PM are always on hand to help, and your PM will let you know the moment anything changes with regard to delivery times.

Depending on which service level you’ve chosen, we may ask you for your feedback on the translated document before we continue to a final revision stage.

5. Delivery

The final stage is when we send you the completed translation in the format you requested.

We always appreciate your feedback – this will help us hone our workflow to ensure ever-improving service. Click here to give us feedback on any aspect of your interaction with Lingo24 and our translation project management.