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Sports Sector Translation

When it comes to sports translations agencies, Lingo24 should be your first pick - we’ve translated 500,000 words since 2006 for businesses in the sports industry, including sports clubs, consultancies and sports media and marketing companies.

With some of the most experienced specialist translators working for any translations agencies on board, we’ve translated everything from sports journalism to advertisements and related marketing collateral, website translations, press releases, legal contracts and product documentation.

We have 575 translators who specialise in sports translation, covering sports journalism, marketing collateral, technical documents and more.

Case studies

World famous sports entertainment franchise

We’ve translated 30,000 words for this world famous sports entertainment franchise since January 2009, translating from English into French, Italian, German, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Danish, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.

Projects involved the translation of a variety of marketing collateral, including product packaging information and advertisements.


UK sports media company

We’ve translated 45,000 words for this UK sports media company since February 2009, translating from English into German, Italian and French, and vice versa.

Projects have included a range of marketing materials, such as sports-specific brochures and fact sheets requiring in depth knowledge of terminology, as well as press releases, news and feature articles.