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Account Management

The Lingo24 Account Management (AM) department is the first point of contact for you as a new client, and incorporates Account Managers, In-Country Account Managers (ICAM), Client Liaison and Qualifiers.

Our Sales team members are there to guide you through the translation process and will outline exactly what we can offer you, matching your needs to the appropriate service level.

As a UK translation company that receives 88% of our business from returning customers, our Account Management team’s professionalism and dedication is central to our position at the forefront of the translation industry.

Whether you’re looking for reliable and friendly translation services in London, Edinburgh, San Francisco, New York or any number of other key destinations around the globe, you can be sure that your needs as a customer will be met in full. This may involve your AM ensuring that the same translator is used for each of your projects – or assigning different translators to different tasks - and making sure that you only ever pay for the level or service that you need.

  • Călin Lazăr, Head of European Sales
  • Stephanie Van Breugel, Global Operational Sales Manager, Lingo24
  • Harry Smith, Head of Sales Americas, Lingo24
  • Alexander Grellmann, In country Account Manager, Germany
  • Maura Pop, Deputy Sales Manager, Lingo24
  • Karina Strobl, Account Director Europe
  • Ciprian Cotet, Head of Client Liaison, Lingo24
  • Armand Paz, Account Manager Americas
  • Daniel Floari, Account Manager Europe
  • Flavius Siminie, Account Manager, Lingo24
  • Fredrik Strandberg, In country Account Manager Europe
  • Iulia Ban, Account Manager Europe
  • Loredana Crasovan, Account Manager Europe
  • Oana Stan, Account Director Europe
  • Roxana Telescu, Account Manager, Lingo24
  • Stefano Mantovani, Account Manager Americas
  • Andrei Paunovici, Account Manager
  • Alexandra Glodeanu, Account Manager, Lingo24
  • Ioana Moica, Account Manager, Lingo24
  • Vince Villocino, Account Manager, Lingo24
  • Lars Siegert, Account Manager, Lingo24
  • Jovan Ruiz, Account Manager, Lingo24
  • Clement Sainten, Account Manager, Lingo24
  • Sorina Stroia, Account Manager, Lingo24
  • Valentin Capotescu, Account Manager, Lingo24
  • Alexandra Chirita, Account Manager, Lingo24
  • Alexandru Rotaru, Account Manager, Lingo24
  • Ioana Balaj, Account Manager, Lingo24
  • Luiza Mihăiescu, Account Manager, Lingo24
  • Elena Luminița Ciucur, Account Manager, Lingo24