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The Lingo24 Sales Academy

The Lingo24 Sales Academy is the place for talented sales professionals to develop their skills in account management for the translation business - and earn excellent money at the same time. 



A well-run training environment built specifically so that people with sales and foreign language talents can learn to sell high quality translation services across borders. Training – which will be intense at first, but always fun – will include:

  • briefing on the translation business
  • Lingo24 induction
  • negotiation, customer service and account management skills
  • language skills – developing the language of selling in English and other languages


A mixture of means: presentations; roleplay; debates; games; competitions; writing exercises; speeches; classes. We use a wide variety of strategies to keep our sessions lively and varied. You’ll learn without any pain whatsoever! But beware – you’ll also be tested every step of the way, and we won’t tolerate mediocrity.


Us: our trainers all have significant experience in both training and working. We use a team of specialised trainers – some internal Lingo24 employees, and some external consultants - so you will learn from the best in the translation business.

You: you must want to be a prolific salesperson of the most dynamic brand in translation's services; you must have fire in your belly; you must speak and write excellent English.


Lingo24 currently has two Sales Academies. Our European Sales Academy is based in Timisoara, Romania, and our Americas Sales Academy is in Panama City, Panama.


Lingo24’s Sales Academy is the best place for you to hone your sales skills and make fantastic money. You’ll learn a huge amount – everything from negotiation skills to which languages are spoken in south-east China – and all of this in an immediately international context. You’ll be part of the fastest-growing translation company in the world, and you’ll have put your career firmly on the fast track. Plus, you’ll probably make some fantastic friends – Lingo24 people are genuinely special.