What we offer FAQs

Extracting translatable text from PDFs is challenging, so we'd always recommend working with an editable file format where possible.

Once we have extracted text and translated it, we can typeset it into the same layout/artwork, making small adjustments where necessary (if the translated text is significantly longer or shorter than the source). However, the quality of the PDF we produce will be significantly lower if we don't work with the DTP/artwork files (InDesign, Quark, Flash, FrameMaker).


Basic Translation service includes one stage - a native speaker translating your content into the target language.

Professional Translation includes translation of content by a native translator and checking and editing done by another native translator.

The On-brand Translation service includes all of the above, using translators with specific experience in Marketing, plus a client review stage followed by another editing of the text. 

Basic Translation service is best used for ‘non business-critical’ content like internal emails and documents, inbound queries and notifications, wikis, or user­-generated content etc. Find out more here.

Professional Translation is best for translation of content that needs a high level of quality and accuracy. It may be used for translation of: product descriptions, press releases and articles, professional communications, technical or scientific documentation etc. Find out more here.

On-brand Translation is best used for translating content that needs to be faithful to your brand and to your company’s tone of voice and where the message needs to be spot-on. Find out more here.