Turnaround times FAQs

We will do our best to deliver translations as quickly as possible, and often we can do so within 24 hours, depending upon the size of the project.

Please check our standard turnaround times for each of our service levels, based on the number of words to be translated.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss specific requirements.

We always try to accommodate deadlines where we can. However, rush projects, due to their nature, can involve extensive project management and coordination time. For such requests there will be a 20-50% rush charge applied. Speak to one of the team to get an accurate quote.

We understand that sometimes you need translations in a hurry. We'll do our very best to help, however, please bear in mind: 

  • we will apply a rush charge (an additional 20-50% depending on the conditions)
  • we may have to split the translation between several translators in order to meet the deadline, which could cause some stylistic inconsistencies
  • there is an increased risk of human error due to the higher pressure involved

The deadline, however permissive, doesn't influence the cost. The price varies with every language combination, service level and discounts we can provide by repetitions found in-context or in TM matches. The discounts we offer usually depend on volumes.