Quality assurance FAQs

Yes. If you have done projects with us recently, we will use the same team of translators as for the previous project. 

Yes. The Translation Memory is a great asset that impacts both the consistency throughout your documents as well as the cost of the translation. Find out more about how me manage this here.

Our translation platform creates a Translation Memory for every new client, that we'll use on all the new projects. We also offer support services of importing a TM if you already have one in place, and of updating a TM when you are making offline edits to the translated texts.

Yes, we are able to use amended source files after we have started work on a project, but it does make the project more complicated and time-consuming, and can affect the quality of the final output.

The most effective way for us to manage updates to the original source file is to work with the revised source file in full, rather than having amendments sent to us by email. 

Please get in touch to discuss this further. 

Yes. We have a large database of translators based around the world and we work with in-country translators where possible. So if, for example, you need to translate or localise text into Canadian French or Brazilian Portuguese, we'll assign translators based in that country and who are familiar with its language and culture. For special cases, our Linguist Management team will recruit translators specifically for your project.

Lingo24 has been delivering professional translations since 2001 to clients in over 100 countries, across more than 800 language combinations. By the end of 2015 we had managed over 80,000 projects since the company was born.

Our professional translators all have at least five years' experience in translation, in addition to demonstrable expertise in different subject areas such as: medical, legal, financial, technical, marketing and business communication, and much more.

Yes. We have a database of over 4000 native speaker translators, so we will always be able to find translators available for your project.

We advise all our customers to send us feedback on every translation project after they receive the translated files. Even if the files can be edited and corrected in-house you should signal the mistakes for us to be able to build a thorough overview of improvements that our translation service needs. 
When providing feedback, please make sure you send:

  • clear details – with examples of what is wrong (knowing what to look for will ensure a speedy fix as well as a very clear and specific lesson learned for future projects);
  • revised versions of the translation so that we can update your Translation Memory;

See here how a Translation Memory can help keep consistency throughout your translations.

The feedback that we get from you is shared with the Quality & Experience team and with the translators who worked on the project. Where relevant, a quality investigation is opened and the Quality team will assess the feedback against an industry-wide recognised standard to determine the type and source of the error. If the feedback is contradictory, we will assign an independent reviewer to advise on the best translation.

If, following the investigation, we need to make changes to the file, we will re-open the task for our translation team and they will make the relevant changes. Depending on the source of the error, the Quality team will decide a number of corrective actions, and the assigned individuals responsible will follow-up on them to prevent the error occurring again in the future.