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Lingo24 Translation Agency in 2011: Progress and Updates

It’s been a big year for Lingo24, as our translation agency continued to grow and expand around the globe.

Foreign Language Internet Marketing (FLIM)

One major landmark was successfully launching our FLIM services. The huge rise in global internet use has opened up exciting new opportunities, especially in emerging economies. Together with our translation services, FLIM can help companies tap into rapidly growing markets.

Our marketing experts guide you through every stage of launching your website in a foreign country, from localising your content to promotion and publicity.

New websites

2011 was an incredible year for our web developers and marketers. We rebranded and re-launched our websites in about 20 languages – and are planning more throughout 2012.

New hub and staff

Our brand new Asia-Pacific hub opened in Cebu City, the Philippines, in Spring 2011. Jovenir Bataican is leading our team of 15 Lingo-ists, providing more support to our efforts in the APAC region.

We were delighted to welcome a number of talented new members to our team, including:

Scott Hutcheson
Finance Director

Scott joined us in October, after working as a Finance Director for a number of fast-growing small and medium-sized businesses. He has a degree in Accountancy, and speaks basic French as well as English. Based in Edinburgh, Scott and Shirley have strengthened our financial management and ensure it is smoothly and professionally run.

Mark Slobbe
Operations Director

Mark joined Lingo24 as the company’s third director in 2011, bringing a wealth of operational experience in the market research industry. A native of the Netherlands, Mark has lived in Rotterdam, London and Madrid, and is now based in the New York metropolitan area to grow the presence of the translation agency in the Americas. A native Dutch speaker, he also speaks English, and basic French, German and Spanish.

Shirley Horton
Finance Manager

Shirley, who joined Lingo24 in August, has extensive experience in financial management for SMEs. Most recently, she was Finance Manager for the Treatment Network, a rehabilitation company managing the treatment of injured parties for insurance companies. She is an Associate Chartered Management Accountant, and also holds a law degree and is a qualified Solicitor.

Matt Jackson
Head of FLIM

Matt Jackson has worked as an SEO specialist for 7 years at Occupancy Marketing, a search engine marketing firm in the UK. Matthew is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Matt can speak French.

Jovenir Bataican
Head of Operations, APAC

Jovenir joined Lingo24 in March, and helped successfully launch our translation agency in the Philippines. He’s also HR consultant for our global staff. He has a strong background in Management Consultancy, and holds a degree in Industrial Psychology. He speaks English, Filipino and Visayan, a local Philippine dialect.

Jose Baranco
Head of Operations, Americas

Based in our Panama office, Jose is in charge of leading our operations in the Americas. He joined Lingo24 in August, after working for a major company supplying information management systems to hospitals across the US. He holds an MBA in Marketing and a degree in Marketing and Advertising. Jose speaks fluent English and Spanish, and basic French.

Client satisfaction

Our top priority is customer service, and we’ve made significant efforts to ensure we fulfill our clients’ expectations and deliver on our promises. We’re proud that our customer feedback reports are 99.8 per cent positive, but we’re always trying to improve!

Our recent surveys have shown that our clients consistently rate us above 90% for Quality of translations, Turnaround times and Dedicated Account Management.

If you haven’t already been asked to provide feedback on our FLIM and translation services, and wish to do so, then we’d love to hear from you. You can fill in our survey here.

Major contract awarded

One significant achievement was winning a contract for translation services worth in excess of $3 million, our biggest yet! Our team put in some tremendous work winning this, and showing we can successfully manage projects on this scale.

Technology growth

2011 was a good year for our IT teams. We’ve doubled our number of developers, who have developed tools and applications for more than 15 companies.

Looking forward to 2012

This year, we hope to develop our relationships with all our clients, helping you take advantage of new opportunities around the world. Our large and talented technical team can develop customised tools and programs to make it easy for you to manage multilingual websites.

We’ll be attending more events, meeting more of our customers, and demonstrating how we can work with you. We’ll also be acting on your feedback, and continuing to improve the quality of our FLIM and translation services.

We’ll also be continuing to expand in North America, as well as the rest of the world. There are a lot of exciting new opportunities in the pipeline, and we want to be at the forefront!

Keep in touch

As you can see, there’s always lots going on at Lingo24. Do keep in touch with us via our website, blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

And if you’d like any more information or a quote, just give your Account Manager a call. Alternatively, call or email us at any time, and a friendly Lingo-ist will be ready to help you.