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Lingo24's Professional Translators

Outstanding translators and proofreaders are the key to our work. We have an international network of 4,000 professional linguists who are recruited, tested and managed by our Linguist Management department.

Lingo24 has stringent recruitment and testing procedures in place to ensure that you will only ever have the very best linguists working on your projects. As a minimum requirement, all translators will:

  • Have an internationally recognised translator's qualification (from a body such as the ITI or IOL in the UK, or the American Translators' Association, or their own country's equivalent)
  • Have at least three years' professional experience
  • Work exclusively into their mother tongue
  • Provide at least three professional references


We also look for additional skills and experience when recruiting, such as industry specific knowledge. Certain projects require skills beyond that of mere translation, which is why many of our translators have previously worked in areas such as marketing, software and IT, engineering, research, teaching, law, telecoms, and healthcare, so that they are able to fully understand the processes, text and terminology of the projects they work on.

If you are a professional translator or proofreader and would like to work with Lingo24, please visit our Join the team page.