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Lingo24's Translation Process

Here’s a step-by-step guide to Lingo24's translation process. See what happens with your translation, from the moment we receive it to the moment it’s delivered to you.


Step 1: Your Account Manager will talk with you to find out your translation requirements and to work out which of our service levels best suits your needs.

At this stage, if your service level requires it, we’ll also undertake a comprehensive briefing exercise to understand your exact requirements. These can include: tone of voice; terminology; formatting; character restrictions and other considerations.

Step2: Upon receipt of your source file(s) (the content for translation), your Account Manager (AM) and Project Manager (PM) will analyse the source file(s) to establish a quote and turnaround time, which is then sent to you.

At this stage the AM or PM will also inform you of whether more than one translator and proofreader will be required to complete the project.

Step 3: Once the quote and turnaround have been agreed upon and you have provided your approval to proceed, the Project Manager will search our linguist database of more than 4,000 translators to find the best translator and proofreader for your job.

Our database contains continuously updated information on each translator and proofreader’s experience and performance, allowing our PMs to make informed decisions.

Step 4: If a suitable translator or proofreader is not available, the PM will contact our Linguist Management (LM) department, who will immediately search for, locate and contact appropriate translators or proofreaders.

Step 5: The PM will then contact the selected translator(s) and proofreader(s) via phone and email to provide a full briefing on the project.

Step 6: When the translator(s) and proofreader(s) have received and accepted the project they will immediately begin work using our translation management tool.

Step 7: At this stage you can keep track of your project via our translation management tool’s browser interface, and if necessary submit revisions to the content, which will be automatically integrated within the original text.

Your PM and AM will also stay in touch with you throughout the translation process, to relay your instructions to the translators and their queries to you. Any changes in regards to delivery time will be communicated immediately.

Step 8: The translated content is revised by the proofreader and sent back to the translator for approval. The approved content will then be delivered by the PM to you via the delivery method and in the format that you have requested.

Step 9: Some service levels include up to three revision stages, so if your service level provides, you can then make revisions or amendments to the content, which can then be resubmitted and the process will begin again from step 5.

Step 10: Once you have received and are happy with your translated content, please just contact your AM or PM to advise them of the project’s completion. Accounts will then issue you with your invoice.

For projects under 2,000 words, the whole translation process from step 1 to step 10 often takes no more than 24 hours.

We really appreciate your feedback on every aspect of our translation, as this helps us to continually improve our service. You can leave us feedback (anonymously if you like) here.