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Translation Technologies

Heart is a collection of translation technologies which helps us to deliver better translation services to you.

Heart makes it easier for you to work with us and to access information relating to your translations.

Heart assures Lingo24 leads the translation industry in terms of quality, turnaround times and value for money.

How Heart Helps You

Heart integrates directly with your Content Management System (CMS) or web services, streamlining the workflow and cutting time-consuming administrative tasks.

It simplifies and centralises file management, which means less room for error, less administration and lower costs.

Heart is transparent and gives you control – you can monitor your translation projects online 24 hours a day and choose how much involvement you want.

Heart facilitates real-time collaboration between translators and proofreaders to achieve quality translations, faster, and it’s free and open for all translators to use, so you get the best translator for the job.

It has in-built quality assurance measures, which allow less room for human error, and it continuously improves your translations’ quality through consistency – the Terminology Database, checklists and Quality Assurance tools grow more efficient each time you use it. Your Translation Memory is updated automatically and stored online, where you have access to it any time.

Heart is compatible with all translation technologies, which means all the benefits of other tools but with no extra cost, and it is infinitely scalable, to handle projects of any size.

Heart works with desktop publishing (DTP) formats for fully designed, publication-ready documents, and it can convert easily between file formats.

Indeed, there are no drawbacks to using Lingo24’s Heart - you will see an operational improvement, and you’ll save money too.