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Lingo24's People

Meet the people behind the fastest growing translation agency in the UK.


Lingo24’s unique culture is a result of the obsessive hunt for the best people for every position.

We protect our hard-won culture by appraising the values of new team members to ensure they’re the right fit before joining the company.

Our team is both culturally diverse and closely connected across our hubs in the UK, Romania, Panama, the USA, the Philippines and New Zealand. We maintain our connectedness and smooth 24-hour operation through constant communication and regular trips between offices.

Our internationalism is a microcosm for how we think the world should be, and we work hard through our internal events and communications to maintain our culture of shared international values.

We believe in the importance of developing our people’s skills - in fact the majority of our Senior Managers have progressed to their positions through the company.

To that end, we maintain a number of training initiatives to develop our people’s talents. Our Sales Academy trains Qualifiers to become Account Managers, the SPACE initiative shares knowledge between departments, and our dedicated high level programs with expert business trainers foster a culture of learning and development.

In fact, Lingo24’s culture is so close to an extended family that we have several families members and couples all working together within the company fold.

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Below are a few of the roles of the team members who’ll work with you to deliver your translation.

Account Manager (AM)
As your primary contact point, your AM will handle all the broader issues relating to your account, such as your tailored pricing structure, service levels and the briefing process.

Project Manager (PM)
Your PM is responsible for coordinating your translator(s) and proofreader(s) for each project, and for delivering translations on time.

Linguist Manager (LM)
The LM department sources, recruits and assesses Lingo24’s translators and proofreaders, to ensure we always use the best translator for the job.

Language Combination Controller (LCC)
Our LCCs are responsible for the ongoing monitoring and rating of our linguists, ensuring our quality standards remain high.

Technical Managers
Our TMs deal with all the technical, non-translation aspects of a project, such as resolving tricky file format issues, working out workflows and integrating our technology with content management systems.