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Monolingual Proofreading Services

Have you had a document translated, but you’re not sure of the quality of the result? Lingo24’s monolingual proofreading service checks your target text to ensure there are no grammatical, terminological, punctuation or stylistic mistakes.


Monolingual Proofreading projects conducted in 2010


This service involves a professional translator, who is a native speaker of the language of the document, reading through the translation without reference to the source text and checking the text word by word, making notes and amendments where necessary.

We can also provide you with a signed Certification of the document’s accuracy on company headed paper.


Lingo24 will intensively proof read your translations to eliminate errors.


Case study

Lingo24 completed a 23-hour Monolingual Proofreading project for this German software company, proofreading English texts translated from the German source texts. The project involved checking product descriptions and marketing collateral for digital asset management software. To ensure that technical terminology was used correctly and consistently, Lingo24 utilised a professional proofreader with extensive experience in the software and IT industries.




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