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Medical Translation

The translation of medical documents into foreign languages is a tricky task at the best of times. But medical translation doesn't have to be agonising - we have years of experience in handling challenging medical translation projects. From oncology to ophthalmology, our translation services are second to none.

Whether you require a psychiatric report translated into English or a complicated article from a medical journal translated into Chinese, Lingo24's professional medical translation service delivers accuracy and confidentiality at an affordable price.

We can also arrange for the medical translation to be certified by an official public notary, as may be required by certain local health authorities.

Medical Translation Services

Lingo24 delivers a medical document translation service you can always rely on. We work with a wide range of clients from the medical field, across an even broader range of languages, but one element remains common to all the medical translation services we provide, namely accuracy, as medical translation can often quite literally be a matter of life and death.

Our project managers select the linguist best qualified to deal with each individual project from our large database of mother-tongue professional translators. For example, if a medical translation into French requires knowledge of pharmaceuticals, we'll look for a qualified native French speaker with professional experience in the pharmaceutical field.

Alternatively, if a text relates to hospital proceedings then we will assign the project to a qualified translator with a medical background, as well as first-hand knowledge of the internal workings of hospitals. It is this meticulousness which ensures that over 90% of our corporate clients place return orders with us.

A three-point health plan

A few helpful hints to note when sending in medical documents for translation:

  • We understand that confidentiality restrictions may limit the information which can be made available, however background information in both the source and (where possible) target language will help us keep the terminology consistent and assist us with context-specific vocabulary choices.
  • Let us know in advance about any particular layout requirements you may have for the translated version of the medical document, i.e. should the translation follow the layout of the original source text, or be modified in the target version of the document?
  • If a document is clear and comprehensible in its source language, this will contribute significantly towards a clear and comprehensible translation.