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PR and Marketing Translation

We’ve translated 5.7 million words for 75 different marketing and public relations agencies since 2006.

We’ve translated everything from creative website content, brochures and other marketing materials to brand name checks, market surveys, press releases and financial documents.

We have 1850 creative copywriters who specialise in Transcreation and PR and marketing translation across a range of language combinations.

Case studies

UK PR and brand management agency

Lingo24 has translated 560,000 words for this major UK PR and brand management agency since July 2008, covering 22 language combinations including everything from Norwegian and Hungarian to Brazilian Portuguese.

Our main project for this client has been the translation, checking and editing of creative content for video games by a gaming industry giant.

These translations require intensive research for the localisation of key phrases, as well as in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry.


UK-based digital communications agency

This UK-based digital communications agency has worked with Lingo24 since June 2004, during which time we’ve translated 730,000 words of financial documents and client-facing communications covering 30 language combinations.

One significant translation project was the multilingual optimisation of an international online payment system.

The client has their own dedicated team of Lingo24 translators and have previously worked via their own interface, which is fully integrated with Lingo24’s translation technology.

Turnaround requirements are often as short as a few hours, which Lingo24 has been able to meet and exceed.