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Media Translation

We’ve translated 5.5 million words since 2006 for 45 media companies and agencies, from online and television media to print.

We’ve translated everything from news and feature articles, press releases, website translations and marketing campaigns to legal and financial business documents.

We have 1963 translators who specialise in media translation services and entertainment translation services, with professional experience in journalism, public relations, advertising and marketing text across a range of language combinations.

Case studies

World-famous youth culture TV network

Lingo24 has worked with this world-famous youth culture TV network since 2005, translating 2.5 million words in 20 different language combinations including English into Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Polish, Romanian and many more.

We have been the translation providers for many high profile projects, including the network’s website and several campaign sub-sites, localising the text in each case for the cultural slang and idiom of its youth audience.

Projects are submitted on a daily basis, and then immediately attended to by the dedicated Project Manager, Account Manager and hand-picked team of translators and proof readers. Depending on word count and degree of technicality, turnaround for projects is as low as three hours for up to 1000 words.


Renowned American broadsheet

We’ve worked with this renowned American broadsheet since January 2010, translating 28,000 words between French, German, Spanish and English.

Projects involved translating news and feature articles, which required the establishment of dedicated teams of translators with previous journalism experience.