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Marketing and Digital Marketing

The Marketing and Online Marketing teams help to spread Lingo24’s good word far and wide.

We always ensure that all our marketing material is accurate and reflective of the services we offer. And given that there are other translating agencies in London and throughout the UK you could opt for, we feel it’s important that we are open and honest about what we can provide for you and how we are different from our competitors.

  • Ramona Morgan, Global Marketing Operations Manager, Lingo24
  • Bogdan Stefan, Brand Guardian, Lingo24
  • Ioana Mihailas, Lead Generation Executive, Lingo24
  • Corina Marcuti, Digital Marketing Administrator, Lingo24
  • Georgiana Meleandra, Marketing Executive, Lingo24
  • Ioana Șerpe, Digital Marketing Technician, Lingo24
  • Andreea Stancu, Collateral Manager, Lingo24
  • Hazel Mollison, Communications Executive, Lingo24
  • Steve Griffin, Marketing Communications Executive, Lingo24
  • Elena Cristea, Lead Development Manager, Lingo24
  • Adam Jones, Lead Quality Specialist, Lingo24
  • Otilia Miholca, Lead Development Executive, Lingo24
  • Beatrix Sontag, Lead Development Specialist, Lingo24
  • Adina Minodora Roatiș, Lead Development Specialist, Lingo24
  • Alexandra Posta, Lead Development Representative, Lingo24
  • Naomi Iubas, Lead Development Representative, Lingo24
  • Hanelore Szedlak, Lead Development Representative, Lingo24
  • Sebastian Paraianu, Lead Development Representative, Lingo24