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Manufacturing Translation

Translations Service

We’ve translated 15 million words for 200 different clients in the manufacturing industry since 2006.

We’ve translated everything from websites, product packaging, user manuals and other technical and promotional documents to internal communications and legal terms and conditions.

We have 276 translators who specialise in translation services for the manufacturing and production industry across all language combinations.

Case studies

United States-based manufacturer of power solutions

This United States-based manufacturer of power solutions has worked with Lingo24 since June 2008, with over 1.4 million words translated.

Projects have included IT and marketing website content, technical user manuals and DTP, from English into a range of Latin American Spanish dialects, as well as French, Canadian French, Spanish, Russian and German.

A team of dedicated Project Managers and dedicated translators are on hand for each language combination, with industry expertise in information technology and marketing.


North American audio electronics manufacturer

Lingo24 has translated 50,000 words for this North American audio electronics manufacturer since February 2008.

The translations service included the translation user manuals and technical product information to marketing materials such as packaging, legal information and DTP projects, from English into Chinese, French, German and Spanish.