Localisation Strategy Assessment

If localisation is central to your international strategy, associated processes need to be slick, cost-effective, and help you grow.

Lingo24 has developed a structured Localisation Strategy (LocStrat) Assessment to allow you to review company-wide needs and processes in relation to localisation and frame improvement plans against industry good practice via our Localisation Maturity Model (LMM).

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Solve your localisation issues

Our LocStrat Assessment will help you tackle various issues, such as:

  • How to organise and optimise translation buying on a global scale,
  • How to utilise technology to reduce internal project management time,
  • How to turn translation from a bottleneck to an enabler within your business strategy.

Experience tells us that businesses with solid localisation processes grow faster, use less internal resource and have a cost-effective and rational supplier base.

If that’s what you want to achieve, a LocStrat Assessment is a great first step to help you develop an efficient and proactive localisation strategy that fits your business.


Download our LocStrat Assessment guide

What's involved

The LocStrat Assessment typically takes around 10 days to complete (depending on scope) and is designed to appraise your existing localisation processes.

We establish the project scope and aims, identify key stakeholders and create briefing materials.

We interview your key stakeholders and gain all necessary data, using our assessment tool to review your globalisation strategy and existing localisation assets.

We assess the data captured against our localisation maturity model and supporting good practice to calculate a localisation maturity score and identify recommendations.

We present a concise report (10-15 pages) detailing our findings and recommendations for your organisation and individual departments.


  • Identify your key requirements, strengths and challenges in localisation - find and promote what you’re doing well and identify areas that cause problems in your processes.

  • Establish how you can optimise localisation processes and tools - identify quick wins and potential longer term investment opportunities, whilst looking to exploit existing tools and assets.

  • Benchmark your globalisation progress against good practice - by looking at both organisation-wide and department-level processes against our LMM.

  • Recommended steps to improve your processes - containing practical vendor-neutral advice that you can take to improve your localisation delivery.

The Output

The final output is a comprehensive Localisation Strategy findings report and associated presentation tailored to your business. It will summarise your LMM score, our overall assessment (including risks and opportunities) and practical steps to improve your processes. We will also deliver a summary presentation to key stakeholders to ensure findings are understood and any feedback is incorporated into the final report.