International keyword research and SEO

Maximise the search engine value of your content across multiple foreign-language sites simply with just one supplier.


We’ll analyse the keyword-level SEO performance of your websites and provide advice on how to maintain or improve this in different multilingual markets. Our local linguistic and marketing experts will make your content deliver the returns you expect.

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Identify keywords for new international markets

Optimise your foreign language sites for search engines

Maximise international traffic with the most relevant and up to date keywords

Make the most of multilingual search engine optimisation

Improve your international SEO

We'll research an agreed number of relevant keywords for each of your target markets, using your existing English keywords as a starting point.

We'll map the researched and agreed keywords onto each page of your site, ensuring each one has a clear focus without competing against any of your other pages.

We'll optimise your pages, using the agreed and mapped keywords, and all relevant meta tags.

We'll monitor performance of each keyword over time and report on their effectiveness.

Our international SEO consultancy

Foreign Keyword Research

Best for: identifying keywords in foreign markets that best fit your content.

We’ll work with you to:

  • determine the number of keywords required
  • research your content, audience and market to determine keyword themes
  • build a list of relevant and competitive keywords in your target languages

Multilingual Keyword Mapping

Best for: mapping foreign language keywords onto relevant pages and optimising the navigation architecture for search engines.

We’ll work with you to:

  • prioritise two-three keywords per page

  • assess keyword relevance and performance

  • develop a full keyword map for each of your site’s pages


To do this we’ll use:

  • a keyword specialist

  • tried and tested methodology developed by industry experts

  • accurate SEO and keyword tools developed by Google

Foreign Keyword Localisation

Best for: localising your existing source language keywords for new markets.

We’ll work with you to:

  • analyse your existing markets’ keywords
  • identify equivalent keywords in your target languages
  • research new keywords where direct translations do not exist

Multilingual Content Optimisation

Best for: optimising website content using appropriate foreign language keywords

We’ll work with you to:

  • target keywords to relevant sections of your pages: headers, opening paragraphs, image ALT text etc.
  • create additional content to further target your keywords, where appropriate

Meta tag Creation

Best for: creating unique meta tags (titles, meta descriptions and keywords)

We’ll work with you to:

  • analyse your existing meta tags and assess requirements for new vs. translated meta tags
  • translate your existing meta tags and keywords
  • identify effective keyword alternatives where direct translations do not exist
  • meet specific character requirements in each language

Making the most of international SEO consultancy

International SEO is the perfect add-on when you translate your web content with us. Find out how you can benefit from SEO consultancy alongside translation for your foreign language web content.

Optimise your foreign language content


Lingo24 were really helpful in providing translations in four languages with tight turnaround times. Highly recommended. Open Agency
We have worked with Lingo24 on a number of projects and we are confident in the ability of their translators, the professionalism of the account support and the efficiency of the whole solution. WorkRite

Yes. Furthermore, for most of our service levels we use native professional translators with extensive demonstrable experience in the required subject area. 

Google SEO tools to determine keyword competition and performance.

We send expert back-translations into English for you to review.