Global brand name checking

New brand? New product? New market? No problem.

Make sure your launch gets off to a great start, with our Brand Name Checking service.

Our in-country marketing experts will carry out comprehensive international market research, to check and verify that your new brand or product name isn’t offensive or inappropriate in one of your target markets.

Trusted by global brands

Service level and availability

Output capacity of up to 400 brand names per business day.

All language combinations.

Service available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

How it works

As part of this service, we’ll research your proposed names to check there are no conflicts with existing brands or products in your target markets.
We’ll also ensure that the names reflects the image you’d like to portray internationally, so you won’t be at risk of any negative connotations.

In addition to checking your proposed brand names and slogans, brand name checking or “negative checking” is just one of a suite of international marketing services we provide for clients looking to go global.

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