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Localisation of products, product documentation and/or webpages

Before you launch a new product in a foreign market, it pays to make sure that all your product and marketing collateral are appropriate and effective for the target market’s language and culture.


the return on investment for every dollar spent on localisation (Localisation Industry Standards Association)


Lingo24’s localisation (or localization) services provide comprehensive advice for adapting products, product-associated texts and/or web pages, considering the language, cultural and other local requirements of a specific regional target market.

A team of native-speaking translators with professional experience in marketing will undertake a thorough assessment of your products and all related online and offline marketing collateral. They will provide comprehensive advice on how best to target each individual language market.

Furthermore, our translation technology simplifies the process of localising your website content, by linking your online systems with ours for the automated transfer and upload of translated content.


Be indistinguishable from the locals in any market.


Case study

Since 2006, Lingo24 has completed 562 projects for this global market research and surveying company, translating over four million words across 96 different language combinations, including over 190 hours dedicated to Localisation of products, product documentation and/or webpages.

The projects involved localising market research questionnaires and marketing collateral for a diverse range of countries and regions. Distinct from translation, localisation projects involve ensuring that translated texts are culturally and linguistically appropriate for their individual target regions, as language usage can vary greatly between countries that share the same main language, such as English in the US and UK, French in France, Canada and Switzerland and Latin American Spanish.



More localisation stats:

85% the number of consumers who need information in their native language before making a purchase (Common Sense Advisory)

15-20% the improved effectiveness of localised Spanish ads on MySpace Latino (eMarketer)



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