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Linguist Management

Given that translation is Lingo24’s core raison d’etre, translator management and recruitment are extremely important aspects of our operations.

The Lingo24 Linguist Management department ensures that only the very best in-country, mother-tongue translators are added to our network. And once each translator has passed our strict testing, the Linguist Management department works with the Project Management department and our Language Combination Controllers to ensure that the highest standards are maintained for each project thereafter.

As a trusted translation service in London and across the globe, we often receive a translation request with an unusual language combination. It is the job of the Linguist Management department to recruit a professionally qualified translator with the necessary language skills. This can often be at very short notice.

  • Dana Stoica, Head of Linguist Management
  • Codruta Rusu, Linguist Recruitment Manager, Lingo24
  • Alina Ungureanu, Team Leader, Lingo24
  • Shawn Smith, Linguist Manager, Lingo24
  • Mihaela Marin, Team Leader, Lingo24
  • Noemi Hugel, Linguist Communication Manager, Lingo24
  • Winnie Saniel, Linguist Manager, Lingo24
  • Alina Sandru, Linguist Communication Manager, Lingo24
  • Andreea Loredana Bănuț, Linguist Manager, Lingo24