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More Lingo24 Language Services

Lingo24 offers further language and internet marketing services to help you operate more profitably across the language barrier.

Our supplementary language services include Checking and Editing of Translated Materials and Monolingual Proofreading, to ensure your translated materials are correct, and Desktop Publishing (DTP), in which we design and format your translated documents. We can also confirm the accuracy of your translations with a Certification of Accuracy on Company Headed Paper.

Our localisation services including Copywriting, Brand Name Checking and the Localisation of products, product documentation and/or webpages, to help your business be indistinguishable from the locals in any market.

Our audio-visual translation services include Transcription and Voice over, and we have an international team of interpreters available for Consecutive Interpreting and Simultaneous Interpreting.

Lingo24 also offers a full range of foreign language Internet Marketing Services, which we can tailor to your exact needs. These include:

SEO Consultancy

Translation & Optimisation

Paid Search