Case Study: Linking Your Technical Systems with Our Translators

We integrate our technology with many of our biggest clients to ensure a seamless workflow between their project managers and our top technical translators. Read case studies from two of our largest CMS integration projects below.

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Major UK Tourism Body

Lingo24 worked with this major UK tourism body to translate the entirety of its 20 localised websites into Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Malay and ten other languages – a total of three million words.

We worked in collaboration with the client’s technical team to build a plug-in for their Fatwire CMS, which facilitated the establishment of a Web Services link between their Fatwire system and Heart. The Web Services link allowed the client to log into our computer assisted translation tool XTM to directly submit content for translation, and to monitor the translation process and contribute or make amendments directly within XTM.

We then imported all of the client’s old content into our XTM translation memory system to gain maximum leverage from in-context phrase and word repetitions, reducing the client’s total cost.

The client was impressed with the efficiency of Lingo24’s service and consequently requested that Lingo24 also take care of the website localisation for their B2B Trade site.

UK Sports Management Consultancy

This UK sports management consultancy has been working with Lingo24 since April 2010 on an extended campaign.

The client needed a translation provider who could translate football articles from an English news website into Arabic, three times a day, for simultaneous publication.

This project required that the translation provider be able to work with their content management system (CMS) to automatically extract the original articles in English and directly repost the Arabic translations.

XTM integrated directly with the client’s Wordpress CMS via a plug-in created by Lingo24’s Technical Division, which utilised in-built APIs to create an instantaneous and automatic workflow, minimising project management time.

Furthermore, XTM allowed multiple translators and proofreaders to work together on a file in real-time, dramatically reducing turnaround times.

The result was that jobs of between 3,000 and 10,000 words, which would normally take a single translator and proofreader between eight and 24 hours to finish, could be completed and uploaded within two hours.

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