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Keyword Localisation, Research & Mapping

Lingo24’s Keyword Localisation, Research & Mapping services are designed to optimise your keywords for each of your target markets.

If you have online content in multiple languages, you will require keywords that are optimised and localised for each language and region. And the one golden rule of multilingual SEO is to not assume direct translation of your keywords is the best option.

The most effective keyword for a product or service in each regional market could be a colloquialism, a synonym or an adopted term from another language. The only way to find out is to research what people are actually searching for in each target country.

Lingo24’s Keyword Research & Localisation services combine local linguistic knowledge with detailed data analysis of search trends in your target markets. Our native linguists with SEO expertise ensure that your keywords will generate the best return on investment for each of your target markets.

First our translators will localise your keywords to the most appropriate terms. We’ll then carry out a review of the search volume demand of the keywords. Additional terms identified in this process will be included.

Keyword Mapping comes directly after this stage. Once we have established the list of top performing keywords, we will map the keywords to the relevant pages in the web translation project. Your website will include all the key information and calls to action, and be customer-friendly as well as search engine-friendly.

Areas covered

  • Localisation of keywords
  • Review of search traffic volumes
  • Identification of additional keywords
  • Mapping keywords from research phase to web translation project
  • Recommend additional pages in web translation project


Our SEO experts will highlight the search demand of all keywords related to your business, and advise on the best choices. Each page of your translated website will target the most appropriate and relevant terms.



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