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Keyword Localisation & Research

Lingo24’s Keyword Localisation and Research Services are designed to optimise your keywords for each of your target markets.

If you have online content in multiple languages, each language’s content will require keywords that are optimised and localised for that language and region. And the one golden rule of multilingual SEO is to never translate your keywords directly into other languages.

The most effective keyword for a product or service in each regional market could be any of – or all of - the following: a direct translation of the term into the target language; a colloquialism; a synonym; or an adopted term from another language. The only way to know for sure what words/phrases people use to search for products and services locally is to research the most commonly used terms within each target country.

Lingo24’s Keyword Research and Localisation services combine local linguistic knowledge with detailed data analysis of search trends in your target markets. Our native linguists with SEO expertise ensure that the keywords you target are the most effective – often those most used, but more importantly those which will generate the best return on investment (ROI) – for each of your target markets.

Our in-country translators localise your keyword terms from the native language to the most appropriate terms. We then carry out a review of the search volume demand of the keywords. Additional terms identified in this process will be included.


Top 5

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Areas covered

• Localisation of keywords
• Review of search traffic volumes
• Identification of additional keywords


This process will highlight the search demand of all the keywords relating to your business. This data will then be included in the optimisation of the web translation.