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Interpreting Services

Lingo24 provides highly experienced interpreters of major European and world languages, offering expertise in a wide range of technical, legal and commercial fields.


Our team comprises: ad hoc or ‘whisper’ interpreters for small meetings, discussion groups and visits to and/or from foreign customers; consecutive interpreters capable of noting down the contents of a speech or lecture and then (re-)presenting it to the audience in another language; and simultaneous interpreters for conferences. Each project is addressed individually, and full pre-event consultation ensures that our interpreting services are tailor-made to your business requirements.

Our experienced interpreters carry out thorough prior research to ensure a sound subject knowledge. Our interpreters all have flexible availability (minimum half a day), so their linguistic expertise is available on-site for as long as you require.

Furthermore, our translation division can arrange translation of documents for conferences and meetings in advance, delivering a single translation and interpreting solution.


Lingo24 delivers complete interpreting services for all your interpreting and translation needs, instantly breaking down communication barriers.


Case study

Lingo24 completed a 24-hour Simultaneous Interpreting project for this global market research company, providing a professional interpreter for real-time interpreting between English and French.

The interpreter was required on-site in the UK for two 12-hour days to provide simultaneous interpreting for a series of meetings and interviews related to the automobile industry. The client was very satisfied with Lingo24’s service, saying: ‘Everything went excellently at the weekend with your interpreter, he was very friendly and his language was perfect.’




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