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Integrated Translation: How We’d Work with You

1. Your Account Manager (AM) will establish what you need

In this first stage, your AM, supported by our Technical Division, will show you how we can integrate with your technology to make your translation workflow easier.

This can involve either a plug-in integration between your Content Management System (CMS) and Heart or a web services link.

2. Take a tour and receive your quote

We’ll now show you how our Heart technology works and how it will fit with your CMS or similar systems.

You’ll also receive your quote for translation services. If you’re happy with your quote and have decided to integrate your CMS with Heart, we’ll then provide you with a simple tutorial in using our interface as well as the relevant plug-in.

If you’ve decided to transfer content for translation using a web services client, our Technical Division will guide you through the creation of a client so your web services can communicate with ours.

3. Install the plug-in or create the web services client

Once we’ve worked out whether your needs will be best served by installing a CMS plug-in or via a web services link, our Technical Division will be on hand to assist you in either installing the plug-in or creating the web link.

You can then configure your client account, in which you can set up your rules for the workflow, including:

  • Budgeting rules
  • Service level(s)
  • Publication rules


You can also set your preferences for each project’s:

  • Source language
  • Target language
  • Translation workflow
  • Contact details

4. Create your project

Now that you’re logged in and have your basic preferences set up, you can simply select the content you would like translated in the Lingo24 Dashboard panel and click Send. Your dedicated Project Manager (PM) will be automatically notified of the new project.

5. Translation and delivery

From this point on, you can sit back and relax. Your PM will immediately assign the project to your translators, and the project will be translated and proofread.

Once completed, the project will be uploaded back into your system and you’ll be notified by email. The translations can either be published automatically or await your approval.

6. Let us know your thoughts

Your AM will be in touch after the project’s completion to make sure you’re happy with the workflow – this will help us hone our service to ensure you’re even happier next time. You can leave us feedback on our integrated translation system at any time here.