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Human Resources

People are the cornerstone of any successful business, but it’s always important to match the right person with the job.

As one of the top global translating agencies, London and Edinburgh – as two key capital cities – is where we have based our main UK operational hubs. This is also where our directors, marketing personnel and UK/European in-country Account managers are based.

But with operations spread across four continents, the need to find the right people is just as important in Romania and Panama as it is in the UK; which is why we always recruit those with the relevant skills and experience for the job.

  • Iuliana Fuiorea, Human Resources Manager, Lingo24
  • Carmen-Maria Manetoiu, Culture Chief, Lingo24
  • Teolin Codreanu, Trainer, Lingo24
  • Cristina Scridon, HR Manager, Lingo24