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Fully Managed Translation with Style

  • Fully Managed Translation with Style
    Professional, fully proofread translation which adheres to on-brand messaging.
    Best for documents that must respect corporate brand/style guidelines (e.g. sales/marketing material).

How it works

This service uses qualified translators and editors with extensive experience in creative writing. You can be confident that your company’s tone of voice will be monitored throughout the translation process.

Who's it for

Clients who require translations that retain their brand's tone of voice and style.


  • Comprehensive review of source text
  • Assigned to carefully vetted, professional, mother-tongue translator
  • Terminology research
  • Reviewed by second professional translator
  • Verification of adherence to your style guidelines
  • Revision following client feedback

Turnaround times

We can deliver up to 1,000 translated words per working day.

At Lingo24, we’re committed to producing fluent, accurate translations that meet all your requirements.