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Keeping track of costs and ensuring we can continue to offer the best value quality translation services is an absolutely essential part of our business, so our dedicated Finance team play a crucial role in carefully managing our budgets.

The Finance team works with all the areas of our company with one goal in mind: the improvement of Lingo24’s performance by guaranteeing accurate financial reports. The team provides business analysis and recommendations on topics including pricing, cost reduction and expense control, and works to implement operational process improvements. In short, our Finance team supports the business decisions that keep us on solid financial ground and rapidly expanding.

  • Colin Dolby, Finance Manager, Lingo24
  • Iris Truta, Credit Controller, Lingo24
  • Medeea Vasiu, Payment Controller, Lingo24
  • Monica Toma, Credit Controller, Lingo24
  • Claudia Paunescu, Finance Assistant, Lingo24
  • Sabah Bukhari, Credit Controller Manager, Lingo24
  • Theresa-Anne Hoggan, Accounts Assistant, Lingo24
  • Estera Craciun, Credit Controller, Lingo24