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Lingo24’s director, Christian Arno, is responsible for the strategic growth of the company, and his skill-sets are central to our being one of the top London translation agencies, and the number one choice for some of the world’s biggest blue-chip companies.

As the founder and Managing Director of Lingo24, Christian is very strong on instinct and ideas, and he works closely with the Department Heads of IT, Sales and Marketing, and Operations, to develop and implement these ideas.

  • Christian Arno, CEO, Lingo24
  • Andrew Campbell, Global Managing Director, Lingo24
  • Carol Scambler, Global Human Resources Director, Lingo24
  • Carly Bonas, Sales Director, Lingo24
  • Claudia Barna, Operations Director, Lingo24
  • Jeremy Clutton, Strategic Account Director, Lingo24