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Desktop Publishing

Lingo24 employs a dedicated team of desktop publishing (DTP) experts who provide services to desktop publish (typeset) your translated text in any language or file format.



in-house DTP specialists


The most common programs we use are Adobe:

Creative Suite CS4
Creative Suite CS5

The main advantage of outsourcing your DTP work with your translation is that your operators/designers do not have to deal with languages they do not know, thus avoiding the risk of pieces of text being reconstituted incorrectly. If you use Lingo24, you can be sure that your material will be laid out appropriately, just as it would be if your designers were working in their own mother tongue. You will receive a file from us which is ready to send to your printers, or if you don't have an existing printer, we can organise the printing too!

Simply send us your source file in one of the above formats, supporting graphics and/or logos, and your Word document for translation (if available), and we'll do the rest!

We can supply EPS or JPEG files of translations if you are working on a Macintosh platform. This allows you to work with the translations provided without having to buy expensive fonts (e.g. to support non-Roman fonts such as Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Arabic, Bengali, Greek, etc.)

If you have any questions about our service, please contact us for further information.


Need your translated documents to be designed and formatted as well? Why employ another agency? Our in-house designers will format your translated content to your exact specifications.



Case study

Lingo24 has translated and designed a range of product brochures and other marketing collateral for this global sportswear brand. The projects involved translating the source copy into Spanish, Dutch, Flemish, French, Italian and German, in-line with the brand’s style guidelines. Our highly skilled technical team then utilised Desktop Publishing software, including the Adobe Creative Suite, to design the translated texts and client-provided images and logos as consumer-ready brochures and advertising collateral.




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