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Currency Symbols

The world's most important currency symbols

Below is a table of some of the world's major currency symbols and their abbreviations. Please use our free currency converter if you'd like to find out what an amount quoted to you on one currency means in yours, or visit the main part of our site if interested in the services of Europe's leading translation company.

Country/Region Currency Currency Symbol(s) Currency
UK Pound Sterling £ (pound) GBP
Japan Japanese Yen ¥ JPY
China Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) ¥ CNY
Eurozone Euro € (Euro), ¢ (Euro cent) EUR
USA Dollar $ (Dollar), ¢ (cent) USD
Norway Norwegian Kroner Kr NOK
Switzerland Swiss Franc Fr CHF
Korea South Korean Won KRW


If there are additional currencies and symbols you'd like to let us know about and have included here, please contact London's translation company here.

* Interesting fact! The use of "GB" for "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" surprises some people. However, the United Kingdom and the Ukraine both wanted "UK" so rather than start World War III over the matter, the United Kingdom was assigned "GB" and the Ukraine was assigned "UA."