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Copywriting Services

Copywriting is the act of creating and manipulating promotional text designed to entice consumers into buying into the concept of a product or service. It often involves writing headlines, slogans, brochures, direct mail packages and website text.


specialist copywriters across all language combinations


Lingo24’s copywriters are translators with professional experience in writing to a brief. They produce creative marketing collateral that is both on-brand and delivers effective calls to action. With our experience in internet marketing, we can deliver website content that is search engine optimised across a range of languages.

Lingo24’s multilingual copywriting services combine our Transcreation service with original creative copywriting, delivering effective multidisciplinary marketing content in a single package.


Don’t pay for one person to copywrite and another to translate - one Lingo24 expert can do both.



Case study

Lingo24 completed a 40-hour copywriting project for this blue chip telecommunications company (telco), using qualified native speaking copywriters to compose product-related marketing collateral in Romanian and English. The project involved a comprehensive briefing for the copywriters on the client’s style guide and branding, to ensure a consistent and marketing-focused tone throughout.

The telco has been very satisfied with the quality of Lingo24’s copywriting and translation work, saying: “Lingo24 have been a valuable partner by creating accurate and fast translation work for our clients. Where other translation agencies work very literally, Lingo24 really understand our clients’ tone of voice and overall identity to produce work that fits seamlessly into our clients' websites and print work.”




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