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UK Translation Company Lingo24

Lingo24 - Translation Company in the UK

UK translation company Lingo24 was founded in Aberdeen, in 2001, and today we're one of the fastest growing translation companies in the world. We're over 150 team members (Lingo-ists) worldwide, with hubs in Edinburgh, London, Timisoara (Romania), Panama City, the Philippines and New Zealand.

The Lingo24 philosophy is based on customer service, quality and flexibility. Our international hubs enable us to provide genuine 24/7, personalised support to each and every one of our clients, irrespective of size. Our rigorous recruitment policies and quality management processes ensure we always maintain the highest possible standards. And our five unique service levels cater for any translation requirement.

Beyond translation, though, we’re always working towards new ways to help businesses make money from their multilingual material. From Foreign Language Internet Marketing, to website and product localisation to revolutionary translation technology, we’ve got big ideas which help you.