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Coding Services

Lingo24 has extensive experience working with Market Research companies – in fact it has long been one of our top sectors.


of Lingo24's total annual work is for market research companies


We offer a full range of translation services for the Market Research sector, including:

  • Multilingual Coding
  • Multilingual surveys
  • Transcripts of panel discussions and IDIs
  • Online and offline questionnaires
  • Questionnaire responses
  • Recruitment questionnaires
  • Discussion guides and briefing notes
  • Stimulus materials (showcards, concept boards, product descriptions)
  • Research reports (Word and PowerPoint)
  • Brand name checking/linguistic evaluation
  • Semiotic checks

Lingo24’s Coding service collates and translates questionnaire verbatim across a range of languages.

Our translators are experienced in understanding dialect, slang and colloquialisms, ensuring that your responses’ meaning will always be accurately translated, in any language combination.


Why pay for one company to collate your questionnaire responses and another to translate them, when Lingo24 can do both?


Case study

This US-based marketing research company has worked with Lingo24 since July 2010, commissioning a 49-hour coding project to collate and translate verbatim questionnaire data in ten language combinations, including Japanese, Chinese, German and Brazilian Portuguese data into English.

The questionnaires required respondents provide in-depth positive and negative responses to stimulus, rather than simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers, which increased the possibility of respondents meanings being ‘lost in translation’. To avoid this, Lingo24 compiled a team of native-speaking translators with prior experience translating verbatim questionnaire answers for each target language.




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