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Brand Name Checking Services

Your brand name is your most important marketing tool - it’s your first chance to make an impression on a potential customer.

As such, it is critically important to make sure that your brand name and your product names are appropriate for the language and culture of every new market, before you launch your product or service.


Brand Name Checking projects conducted annually


Brand name checking projects involve the checking of prospective brand names a company is seeking to introduce. The names must be appropriate from a number of perspectives, including culturally and linguistically.

Brand names often require intensive localisation for different markets, as differences in dialect and culture can mean that an appropriate brand name in one region may be entirely inappropriate for the neighbouring region.

Lingo24 uses native-speaking translators with experience in the business and marketing sector to deliver comprehensive linguistic evaluations of your product and company brand names.


Make sure your brand name means what you want it to mean before launching into any new language markets.


Case study

Lingo24 has worked with this renowned international brand consultancy since 2004, with a total of more than 2,300 hours dedicated, to date, to checking that their client’s brand names are correctly localised for 98 different language combinations. The main language combinations have involved checking brand names in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.

This client’s Brand Name Checking projects have spanned a variety of industries, from pharmaceutical products to health and beauty, automobiles, household and gardening goods and more.

Lingo24’s Brand Name Checking service saved the client from launching products in foreign language markets with culturally inappropriate names. For instance, one automobile’s proposed brand name had the same sound as a word in an Arabic dialect for ‘baby donkey’, while the proposed brand names for two influenza drugs had strong negative associations with death in Mandarin.



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