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Definition of banter

Banter is an important concept at Lingo24, but it may not be a familiar one to all of the visitors to this site. Here, for your information, are several definitions of banter - some from an online dictionary, and some personal interpretations from Lingo24 staff.

Good-humoured, playful conversation.

v. ban·tered, ban·ter·ing, ban·ters
v. tr.
To speak to in a playful or teasing way.

v. intr.
To exchange mildly teasing remarks.

[Origin unknown.]

ban´ter·er n.
ban´ter·ing·ly adv.

Synonyms: banter, chaff, josh, kid, rag, razz, rib
These verbs mean to poke fun good-humouredly: bantered with her colleagues during a coffee break; chaffed him for forgetting the appointment; joshed her brother about his strange new haircut; kidded me about my outfit; ragged her for being so stubborn; razzed the teammate who missed the shot; ribbing a friend for being in love.

n. light teasing repartee
vt. kid: be silly or tease one another;