B2B Sales MeetUp

Christian Arno, Lingo24's Founder and President, is organising regular B2B sales meet-ups in Edinburgh and other locations in the UK for sales professionals winning, or seeking to win, accounts at the £100k+ annual account value level.


If you or someone you know is interested, please fill in the form below or share this link.

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  • Develop local capability selling £100k+ annual accounts at scale by learning from peers.
  • Once trust built, identify sales opportunities for other participants.
  • Explore what additional support B2B sales professionals need.



  • Monthly get-together - up to three 10 min ’show-and-tell’ presentations including a sweet spot description (who are your target customers), top 3 sales/marketing issues and a top 3 asks.
  • Then roundtable chat on issues, followed by informal networking over drinks.



  • B2B sales professionals and their leaders; experienced senior practitioners. By company level invitation to keep group focused. No consultants or agencies.
  • Scotland HQ’d companies focused on selling contracts of significant value requiring salespeople (i.e. not e-commerce pureplays) to businesses of some scale rather than government, small businesses or consumers; and mostly selling outside Scotland.
  • Ideally beyond start-up, so 2017 revenue of at least £1m but open to persuasion!
  • Significantly bigger businesses also welcome, as would be the B2B salesforces of consumer-oriented businesses!
  • Limited to 20 people to maximise engagement (and because of the size of our conf room), and max of 4 people per company.