Translation Events

The translation industry is always evolving, and Lingo24 plays an active role by attending and contributing to industry events on translation, translation buying, multilingual digital marketing, localisation and translation technology.


You’ll find Lingo24 at all these trade shows, conferences, meet-ups, tweet-ups, webinars and other translation industry networking events.

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IRCE: Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition

2nd June

IRCE (the Internet Retailing Conference and Exhibition) is an event focused on the industry's future and education, and serves as the gathering place for the e-commerce industry.

This year IRCE boasts 130 conference sessions and 600 exhibitions, over 220 speakers and more than 10,000 attendees. It’s set to be fuelled with a lot of talk about platform to platform integrations enabling smoother and cost-efficient processes, so we’re excited to be involved.

The intrepid team Lingo24 team attending the conference in Chicago includes is our CEO Christian Arno, Global Managing Director Andrew Campbell, Head of Strategic Accounts and Partnerships Jeremy Clutton, Global Sales Director Bruce Hunter and Head of Sales (Americas) Harry Smith.


Localization World

29-31 October

Localization World is the leading conference for global business,  translation, localization and website management. This year's theme is Disruptive Innovation, and the event will explore how businesses can take advantage of new technologies and processes in order to thrive in new markets.


BQ Scottish Export Awards

28 May

The inaugural Scottish Export Awards, organised by Business Quarterly (BQ) Scotland in association with Scottish  Enterprise, aim to recognise and reward the outstanding achievements within the Scottish export market. The judges are looking for companies who can demonstrate strong business growth through exports, and innovative ways of reaching and engaging international customers.

TV presenter Adrienne Lawler will host the awards ceremony at the Glasgow Science Centre. Lingo24 is a finalist in the International Trade Best Professional Service Adviser category.


Internet Retailing Expo

26-27 March

One of the biggest events for the online retail industry, the Expo brings together leading retailers from Europe and the rest of the world. It features a line-up of high-profile speakers from brands such as Google, John Lewis, M&S and Tesco, as well as workshops and exhibitions. The conference focuses on all aspects of ecommerce from customer experience to logistics and operations.

TAUS Annual Conference

27-28 October

TAUS (Translation Automation User Society) is a think tank for the global language and translation  industries, with its mission to help the world communicate better. Its  annual conference explores the latest developments and technologies, with discussions on industry-wide topics.

This year's keynote speaker will be Prof. Dr. Alexander Waibel from Carnegie Mellon University, a pioneer of speech translation technology, who will discuss "Bridging the Language Divide".


Catalyst Europe

10 April

Hosted by ChannelAdvisor, Catalyst Europe is an annual ecommerce conference that brings together retailers at the forefront of the industry to discuss new innovations and learn about the latest products and services.

Attendees will  include Scot Wingo, CEO of ChannelAdvisor, John Gillan, Google's Industry Retail Leader, and Chris Poad, Director of Seller Services at Amazon. As well as talks including "International expansion, Trends and Insights" and "Designing your  Marketplace strategies for success on Google", there will be plenty of networking opportunities.


Translating and the Computer Conference

28-29 November

Now in its 35th year, the annual Translating and the Computer Conference is a unique  opportunity for translators, researchers, translation companies, and  buyers  to meet. The programme explores how computers are changing the way we translate, the latest technology, and the best ways to manage resources.

The conference is organised by the Association for Information Management, and supported by the European Association for Machine Translation and the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

Lingo24’s Director of Machine Translation, Professor Andy Way, and Senior Machine Translation Specialist, Sergio Penkale, will both be presenting papers at the conference. Prof. Way will be speaking about Emerging Use-Cases for Machine Translation. As the internet gets increasingly multilingual and more companies operate across borders, machine translation is becoming the most appropriate (or only) solution in many cases.

Sergio’s paper is on Tailor-made Quality-controlled Translation. The idea that “one size fits all” in translation is no longer true. This will look at how Lingo24’s Coach technology allows unprecedented control over translation quality, producing results exactly tailored to clients’ needs.


Localization World

9-11 October

Localization World is the leading conference for global business, translation, localization and international website management. It brings together hundreds of global business executives to learn about new tools, methods and practices in localization and internationalisation.

The three-day event has the theme Localization in a Shifting Global Economy. With the tagline “know-how for global success” the conference is organised by Multilingual Computing, Inc. and the Localization Institute. Its nine tracks include Content Strategy, Translation Automation and Localization Core Competencies.

Lingo24’s CEO, Christian Arno, will be speaking on Customizable Quality Levels in Translation. He'll be introducing our Coach technology, and explaining how it allows customers to determine the exact quality levels they require, depending on their market, target audience, and budget.

Inspiring Minds

November 13

Last year, a record number of Scottish businesses launched in international markets with the help of Scottish Enterprise's Smart Exporter programme. This free seminar is aimed at inspiring more companies, of all sizes, to follow in their footsteps.

Three Scottish entrepreneurs will share their stories about going global, and answer questions from the audience. Christian Arno, will speak about Lingo24's journey from a home-based start-up to a global translation company. He'll be joined by Erica Moore, Managing Director of Eteaket, and Caroline Gorman, Head of Music at Rage Music.

They'll discuss the challenges and opportunities of operating across borders. There will also be plenty of time for networking.


TAUS Annual Conference

14-15 October

TAUS, the Translation Automation User Society, is an innovation think tank and platform for industry-shared services, resources and research. Its mission is to “help the world communicate better”.

Its Annual Conference brings together leading translation companies, buyers, and researchers to discuss the most pressing issues in the industry. This year’s event will explore the idea that Translation is Becoming a Utility. Speakers will look at  how it becoming an essential part of daily lives, with users increasingly expecting instant, real-time translation of information.

Lingo24’s CEO, Christian Arno, will be presenting his approach to delivering customer-configurable quality at the right price. He’ll explain how our Coach technology streamlines the translation process and offers greater flexibility and transparency to clients.


LRC Conference

23-25 September

The Localisation Research Centre (LRC) is holding its 18th Annual Internationalisation and Localisation Conference  with the theme "New Horizons". The event looks at how businesses, governments, educational bodies and other organisations all require access to language services.

Our CEO, Christian Arno, Director of Machine Translation, Professor Andy Way, and Senior Machine Translation Specialist, Sergio Penkale, will be presenting a paper at the conference. Their talk, Coach: consolidating the localisation industry through technology, will introduce our new translation platform. They'll discuss how it streamlines the process, integrating machine translation with professional linguists to create the ultimate, customisable translation solution.

There'll be plenty of other fascinating talks, including a keynote address by Jack Shulman, Sony's Global Director of Information Design and Development.