HR Assistant in Timisoara, Romania

The role of the HR Assistant is to coordinate some RO and UK HR admin processes, and to provide the paperwork support for the RO employees.

The HR Assistant will support the HR Business Partner and Head of HR Romania through all RO HR strategy intervention, and could occasionally be required to support the Global HR Director on specific UK employee processes.

Main Responsibilities

  • Manage new hire work contracts and addendum to employee work contracts – print, stamp, scan, etc.
  • Ensure all RO personnel files are kept up to date and in good order, with all required documents.
  • Translate the new/updated Job Descriptions into Romanian for the personnel files. 
  • Manage the monthly Timesheet and Salary process – send the Timesheet report to the accounts, send the order to the meal tickets provider, print out RO payroll for recording purposes, etc.
  • Act as go to person for RO employees for any HR papers they may require: Medical Leave certificates, Bank Certificates, Visa paperwork, etc.
  • Act as go to person for RO Employees for advice and management of: non-contractual leaves (Unpaid Leave, Study Leave, Marriage, New-born leave for fathers etc.) and ensure that all contractual and auxiliary holidays are accurately recorded in Admin.
  • Manage Mat Leaves paperwork and briefings for RO employees.
  • Manage the Monthly and Quarterly Global Awards process.
  • Assist Department Managers and Team Leaders to understand and implement HR policies and procedures as well as provide on guidance on RO legal requirements.
  • Represent the company at various events - Career fairs, HR conferences.
  • Oversee visa/work permit or other paperwork process for international business travel/Secondments. 

Other responsibilities

  • Support the Global HR Director on HR Admin tasks for UK employees – drafting and sending offer/termination letters, managing holiday allocation for bank holidays worked by UK employees, etc.
  • Maintain the RO and UK Employee Database spreadsheets up to date on all info
    Support RO student internships programmes– initial induction training, guidance through the internship period, etc.
  • Support the Global Trainer with the L&D events on the logistics side – send out invites to participants, book rooms, etc.

Soft Skills

  • Attention to detail, rigorous, persistent and process oriented
  • Analytical mind, structured and organised
  • Excellent command of English in speaking and writing – can articulate ideas clearly and concisely
  • A natural forward planner who critically assesses own performance


Attitudes and Behaviours

  • Shows initiative and a proactive attitude
  • Is friendly, self-motivated, independent, trustworthy
  • Can easily communicate and build rapport with various types of personalities
  • Is committed to do a good job at all times
  • Acts as a team player 
  • Is positive and keeps an optimistic outlook
  • Is open to feedback, willing to learn and develop, has a curious nature